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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What do you do if you are short-changed?

An excellent article came out in Hindu (Bangalore edition) today: What do you do if you are short-changed?

It has been a nice evening. You and your family have just had great fun watching that mindless fare from Bollywood. You have paid through your nose for the tickets, but who cares? It has been a nice occasion after a long while. But something is niggling you. You know you have coughed up more than the marked price for all what you ate and drank at the mall. But you do not want it to curdle your mood and prefer to keep quiet.

But wait. There is a platform for redressal. There is something called the Department of Legal Metrology, formerly the Department of Weights and Measures, that is supposed to hear you and act as well. The public is largely unaware of this department which raises questions about its effectiveness.

It is a must read for all consumers. And this is a wonderful coincidence, right when we are having all this hassle, out comes this article exhorting people to watch out for their rights and complain to the authorities.

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