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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 14

We spoke to our lawyer and he said it was completely our decision, whether to pursue the FIR/IPC 509 case further or to compromise with him. He said that since the evidences and witnesses prospects are weak, a compromise is a good idea. So, we need to make the guy take an undertaking at the police station. (We're very tempted by this... its the easy way out. The milkshop guy had come to our house again, a little while ago. My wife is alone in the house. She didn't open the door, and it seems he was shouting his apologies from the street.)

The lawyer also said that the Consumer Court case is interrelated to our decision on this. If we are reaching a compromise with this guy, he doesn't see much point in pursuing it further. But, I disagree here. Anyway, he said that we should go to the court tomorrow and hear it out. The Consumer Case was starting to look strong since we found 3 "witnesses"! We are in touch with 3 girls who were overcharged by this guy before, a few months ago. They had fought with the guy and taken back the money. Good for them. Unfortunately, they are not interested in getting involved with this guy again. Bad for us. We are trying to find out if any other people have had similar problems with this guy, but nobody wants to be a witness in court.

The last option is to make a document, get it signed by these girls and give that to the judge. But the lawyer does not think much of this. He said anybody can make and sign the document. Its not really valid, but still, we can take it and see how the judge responds.

Update: Seems these girls have left for their home town to attend a marriage, so no document from them. Lets see what the judge says.

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Unknown said...

Hey, Awesome Dude...
Wish u good luck for tmrw.
m following the updates closely.
Plz. Don't drop the case against the milkman.
Its not that people have never pursued a complain in a police station against any ill-doer. I'm frm Delhi. I have done this in bangalore against an autowallah. But the mistake i made was to compromise with him on a request frm the policeman and I fell for it, thinking that he was suggesting me something good. But I realized later that all he was doin was to save his own time and also to help the poor autowallah. It was not to help me or to suggest me. Had I dropped the compromise-solution. The autowallah would have learned a good lesson.
Please pursue the case against the milkman.And become a trend-setter. Things like this would always be discussed in the milkman(Retailer) communities. And teaching the milkman a lesson would be like teaching the whole retailer community a good lesson.

Samik said...

Hi Amit,

Good show... I heard ur program on Radio City yesterday and checked this blog.

An enduring problem most of us face is errant autodrivers, with "fixed" meters. Do you know how we can go about complaining against this? When we tell them that we will complain, they actually challenge us to do so. And sometimes, when they realise that we are not from here, they even try and physically intidimate us.

Any suggestions please?



monster said...

Great. So you are on the radio now! And it sounds like the milkman must be cursing the day he made the mistake of abusing your wife. Serves him right. I hope more people make it a point to teach such imbeciles a lesson.

Unknown said...

@Samik: Please see