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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The moon has shrunk...

... since the last time I was here writing a post. The last coupla weeks have been totally sucky. Whew. Been really busy with work and studies.

I'm about to finish the first semester of my MBA course, and I have two exams coming up. The first is tomorrow, the second on Saturday. In fact, Saturday looks like an action packed day. Exam from 9am to 1pm. Then lunch. An introductory class for the next semester from 2pm to 4pm. Then I have to rush from IIMB to the airport to catch a 6pm flight for Delhi. Then a 4am flight from Delhi to Turkisthan (Istanbul). Then on to Tel Aviv.

Shud I say "baap re baap"?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The stars fade away

Its almost morning, and the stars are about to fade away. The pale morning sunshine will burn them away. I've been working straight 20 hours. Hmmm. Dont even dare to ask me why. Lets just say its not by choice, its under duress. Some great crisis in the office and we have a half a million dollar deal hanging if something is not resolved tonight. Sigh. All too often I find myself in such positions. Why me? I'm paid very highly, so I have to deliver the goods. Cant tell my boss to fuck off, after all he ensures that I get big bucks here. Is it worth it? I dont know. Money makes the world go around, but at what cost? I'm losing my peace of mind, trying to figure out how to make things alright. Now I'm leaving, to sleep for a while, and maybe come back to the office.

Oh! And I havent managed to get things working. So tomorrow when the shit hits the fan, your truely will be splattered all over.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Life of Pi

Last time I was in Haifa, one of the guys there at the Israeli firm I was visiting had recommended very highly Yann Martell's Bestseller "The Life of Pi" to me. He said it was about this Indian boy "Pi Patel" who was ship wrecked on a boat with a Bengal tiger, and it sounded like an interesting read.

I forget all about the book, until I found myself checking out the small book store at the Central. I found the book there, bought it, then read it straight through.
Its a wonderful piece of fiction, a rollicking story about young Piscine Patel, the son of a zoo owner in Pondicherry. In school, everybody called him "Pissing" Patel, until finally, pissed off, he introduced himself as "Pi Patel" in high school and the name stuck. In anticipation of hard times, the family decided to move to Canada, animals and all on a ship. The ship gets wrecked in a storm, and Pi finds himself on a boat with a zebra, a hyena and a... Bengal tiger!

Once again, this book slipped my mind, until yesterday I read about Manoj Night Shyamalan, the ace director whose claim to fame is the eminently watchable "Sixth Sense". Manoj is about to make a movie on this book.

Here's a movie I'm looking forward to.