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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Liquor sold above MRP - 5

Ah, I have some new knowledge. From The Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977:
23. Provisions relating to whole sale dealer and retail dealers:
(2) No retail dealer or other person including manufacturer, packer and wholesale dealer shall make any sale of any commodity in packaged form at a price exceeding the retail sale price thereof.

(4) Where, after any commodity has been pre-packed for sale, any tax payable in relation to such commodity is revised, the retail dealer or any other person shall not make any retail sale of such commodity at a price exceeding the revised retail sale price, communicated to him by the manufacturer, or where the manufacturer is not the packer, the packer and it shall be the duty of the manufacturer or packer, as the case may be, to indicate by not less than two advertisements in one or more newspapers and also by circulation of notices to the dealers and to the Director in the Central Government and Controllers of Legal Metrology in the States and Union Territories, the revised prices of such packages but the difference between the price marked on the package and the revised price shall not, in any case, be higher than the extent of increase in the tax or in the case of imposition of fresh tax higher than the fresh tax so imposed:

Provided that publication in any newspaper, of such revised price shall not be necessary where such revision is due to any increase in, or in imposition of, any tax payable under any law made by the State Legislatures:
Provided further that the retail dealer or other person shall not charge such revised prices in relation to any packages except those packages which bear marking indicating that they were pre-packed in the month in which such tax has been revised or fresh tax has been imposed or in the month immediately following the month aforesaid.

(5) Nothing in sub-rule (4) shall apply to a package which is not required under these rules to indicate the month and the year in which it was pre-packed.

The text above in bold is all I need. It is quite clear that old stock cannot be sold at a higher price. Now I've to check the packaging date of the liquor bottles that I'm still hanging on to to file a case.