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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


And now I'm in Melbourne. Its a beautiful city. It'll put B'lore to shame. Come to think of it, any city would put B'lore to shame. I'm staying in downtown, right on the river front. Its chilly, spic and span, *very* well dressed people, nice cafes, sexy skyline and hemlines, awesome public transportation. Everything a city could/should have. Melbourne can pretty much rival any major US or european city.

Bangalore Traffic, Part 3

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OK, so I got the license number... what do I do next? I had the phone number of a Deputy Comm of Traffic Police, a Mr Saleem, from some mail forward. So I gave him a call. Did he answer? Ha Ha. Does a pig fly? In fact I made quite a few calls. No answer. Next I went to the Bangalore police website and got the e-mail IDs of some senior police officers and mailed them. No response from any of them, even after repeated mails.

Next I googled all over the place and came up with the e-mail ID of DC-East ([email protected]). I mailed him with the same complaint. As usual, no reply.

Did some more searching on the net and came up with the website for the Karnataka RTO. This time I hit paydirt. There is a section on Helpdesk/Grievances and Complaints and there I found phone numbers, etc of senior RTO officers. I mailed the same complaint to the Transport Commissioner ([email protected]) and within a couple of days, he replied with a reference number saying that the complaint has been sent to the B'lore traffic police for action. It was the same e-mail ID of DC-East I had mailed to a while ago, but this time I got an immediate reply from the DC. He promised to look into the complaint and said that action would be taken against the driver.

Now, your guess is as good as mine. Will the police act on it? I dont know. But at least the DC replied, though of course he did so only when he was mailed by the Transport Commissioner.

Moral of the story: Mail the Transport Commissioner or call up the numbers on the RTO page if you hope to have some action taken against erring vehicles.