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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 19 (Final update?)

The last hearing happened on 10th April. Today was the judgement, and I have some awesome news. The Consumer Court has ruled in our favour! After investigation, they found the milk vendor guilty of overcharging. Since we had not asked for monetary compensation, they have fined him Rs. 1000 to be paid to us within 30 days, as cost of litigation.

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Charging over MRP at airports - 3

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Finally, managed to make a visit today to the District Consumer Forum at Cavery Bhavan and submitted the complaint. 4 copies, et al. And retained an acknowledged copy for myself. The first hearing is scheduled for 30th April in Seshadripuram Consumer Court.

Then went to the Commercial Taxes Department, which is close by. Met the PRO there. He was a very proactive gentleman, listened to my complaint and immediately faxed a copy to the Intelligence and Vigilance department. He gave me an acknowledged copy for my reference. Said he would follow up and let me know what transpires.

Finding parking around Majestic is a pain, spent an hour in a traffic jam around the court area and finally got done with everything by 2pm. What a hassle, but it was worth it. This work was pending for quite some time.

Finally, I've to submit another complain letter to the Airport duty manager with copies of the two other complaints. I'll do that one of these days.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Charging over MRP at airports - 2

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I've been a bit busy and haven't found time to drop in my complaint at the District Consumer Forum. The Rs 100 draft is done, 4 copies of the complaint are ready. I was all prepared to go there last Friday, but at the last minute realized that it was a government holiday. Am planning on going for sure on 11th, Wednesday.

I also wanted to follow up on the tax and the incorrect bill angle, but I didn't know which government department to complain to. I searched a lot on the Internet but couldn't come up with the information. I knew that it was illegal not to provide a complete bill with all details to a consumer, but try as I might I could not get any laws or information on the same. A few days ago, completely by chance I saw this big advertisement behind a telephone directory by the Commercial Taxes Department, exhorting consumers to report to the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes if a dealer refuses to issue a sale bill with all tax rates and details. This falls under Section 29 of the Karnataka VAT Act, 2003. This was a marvelous piece of luck. I've also prepared a complaint letter to submit to this department in Gandhinagar on Wednesday.

And finally, I have another complaint letter to submit to the Airport duty manager regarding the same.

This is a huge issue, if I can get this one shop to stop overpricing, think of the ramifications for all shops in malls, multiplexes and airports!

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Fight for your rights! - Update 18

The court hearing on 26th March was uneventful. The judge told my wife that the milkman had refused to accept the court summons and it was returned. He set another date, 10th April, thats today, for the final hearing. He asked her to get an affidavit with all the details and all supporting documents and to submit that in court. She's got one done. Lets see how this last hearing goes.

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