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Friday, May 28, 2004

ANother dAy, anoTHer DollaR

ho hum. another day. m sitting in my office, hard (ly) at work. pounding keys, and creating words. words which no one will read. until i'm rich and famous and then these words will be sold or millions of dollars. heh heh heh. and pigs will fly. but India is a land of snake charmers and fakirs. and pigs do fly here. anyway, i will not be deterred. i will write glorious words, create things of beauty which are joys forever. to me.and if you happen to chance upon my blog, do drop me a line. i'll know someone out there read me, before i'm rich and famous. ah. such dreams.

today's a friday. the weekend starts, has already started probably. sonsidering i've not done much work snce morning. life is good these days. not so long ago, i used to be horrendously busy throught out the day. work, work and more work. always fire fighting. meetings, discussions, mails, blah blah blah. this week has been peaceful, might as well enjoy is while it lasts. suddenly, my boss is gonna be asking me about the status of a hundred different activities i'm responsible for, and then the shit will hit the fan.

Stephen King had an excellent saying about this in his book Dream Catcher. Its called SSDD (Same Shit Different Day). And that's the way life goes.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

oh! the perils of bloggin

I was reading the Creative Tutorials at Blogger, and followed How not to get fired because of your blog to this article. Scary article.

I've been reading all the Blogger Help. Lots of information here.

There was a time when I would have been more than ready to start with a new template, much customised for myself. I would have spent many nights over it, tweaking the look and feel until I get it just right. Now, its a different story. There's no time for these little peasures of life. Now, I selected the best looking template (at least to me), and used it. The written word is more important, so there.

lazy afternoon

Hmmm. Its 3:12 pm now. I've gone back to blogging from my mail. Its easier than doing it on te website. For the record, I've been a member of Blogger since 2001, only I never blogged beyond the first few days when I had registered. Now I feel the need to write my records on the net for future generation to read as part of their school texts. heh heh heh.
Anyway, as I was saying. What was i saying? I'm from B'lore, India. I've rediscovered Blogger and now I'm gonna be active on it. More power to me.

Trying out the formatting

This is where I start doing more experimentation with formatting on Blogger. Its a lazy afternoon at work and I have lots of things I'd better be doing than this. But for now, its hard to resist.

Its 3:10pm. Damn. wanna go out for a fag. WHere are my fellow smokers?

trying out Hello next

Actually, this is the best part. Blogging by mail. I could write anything from anywhere and have it blogged on Blogger. Whoever thought this one up is a genius. Now I've got Hello too, lets see how that works.

posting via e-mail

Now I'm trying this from my mailbox. Hail Blogger. Blogger rules!!

Blogger: Dashboard

Well, just got the Google toolbar, with the integrated Blogger. This is super cool. Just trying to see if it all works jim dandy. Probably will.

this than and the other

Why would I want to post anything on blogger? I dunno. I'm a member of orkut, of BBC h2G2 (which is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and I'm not very active on either one of these... hmmm.