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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 15

We went to the Consumer Court today morning. Its 2 floors in the KMF building, which is at the end of Cunningham Road. The irony of the bringing a consumer complaint against KMF in the KMF building ticked us.

The courtroom is a hall with chairs along the wall for people to sit, chairs in the middle for lawyers to sit and a raised dais for the panel of judges to sit. We awaited our turn. When our number was announced, my wife went up to the judges and explained the case to them. To their credit, they listened patiently, then they said that they really appreciate her boldness as a consumer in bringing this matter forward. They asked her if she had proof, she said no direct proof, but we knew some people who had been overcharged before but did not want to come to court. The judges asked if we could at least produce the affidavits of such people, else it would be our word against the milkmans. So we said we would try. Seeing the gravity of the case, the judges didn't dismiss the case outright. they said they would admit the case, they'd send the summons to the milkman to appear in court. The next date for hearing is 26th March.

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