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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Sidenote

Download the complaint we filed against the KMF retailer with the Consumer Court, with the Police and with KMF.

Perhaps it helps someone.


Gaurav Varma said...

What you are doing is indeed laudable. Its rare to find people who stand up to this kind of gunda-gardi.
Also its heartening to hear the approach of the police in the matter (thus far). Assuming that you are Hindi speaking I can assure you the Police would not have been half as helpful had it been Chennai rather than Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Dude, what is your time worth ? Chasing this milkman dude and kato-ing court ka chakkar and writing this blog and so on, all for what ? Why not apply for H1B, pack your bags and go to a nice simple place like US of A where milk, mattar, butter everything is available at variety of sizes, prices ? In USA, you will get roughly $75 per hour upon landing. Save up for 1 year, you can go back and outright buy this milkman, his wife, his children his father mother brother sister cousin uncle relatives and strip them all naked and make them jump up and down in middle of Infosys if that is what you want. Instead of that you are nickel diming with 30 rupee service charge, 100 rupee DD all small change. In USA I spend 100 rupee just to flush after taking a leak. That is why first only I asked what your time is worth. Do you want to go into big leagues, or spend rest of your life with milkman, butterman, eggman etc ? You are IIMB graduate, why deal with these cheap illiterate people ? You come to USA, I can get you into JP Morgan on day 1. $250,000 salary, bonus, your own flat, car, wide roads, 24 hour electricity, internet, externet, butter, mattar and yes, milk, lots of milk, pots of milk. With $250,000 you can own your own milk diary. Every day different different cows will personally come to your house, you can suck their teat and directly milk flowing from them into your oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, out of rectum then anus then into the flush. Like I said for flush you have to pay 100 rupee anyway, so that DD money will be useful here. Ok bye.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Jai USA is some ignorant self centered person. What he wrote is totally unbelievable.
Anyways, kudos to you and your wife for your effort.

I particularly liked something you wrote about calling other peoples bluff. When auto wallas, shopkeepers, etc challenge us to do whatever we can, I think we should start taking up their challenges. That is how things are going to change.

Anonymous said...

Why am I ignorant ? Self centered ok I can accept but in this day and age if you are not self center then whose center are you ?
Dude I will tell you one secret right now. There are only two ways to live life.
One is to recognize that you and your time is worth a lot of money. So you pack the bag and go to one place where they will give you that money. Doesn't have to be USA you can go to Holland Swizerland if you want. Important thing is to go to the place where people think you are worth lot of money.
Second way is to recognize that if you don't give your time any value, you will have to live with people who also don't give any value to it. That is why you and your wife are dealing with milkman, butterman etc. These people are illiterate and don't have any skills so they are selling milk and abusing the Mrs, because they have all the time in the world, their time is worth nothing. By chasing them around in district consumer court with 30 rupee DD, you are telling them that your time is also worth nothing.

So you make your choice. I have made mine, that is why I am in USA. I am not getting up early morning and dealing with illiterate mofos like your milkman, I drive to K Mart and get milk by the gallon for two dollars from a fridge. What I am trying to tell you is, you are not fighting for your right. You are just wasting your time. Your time is worth pots of money. So chase the money, not the milkman. Didn't they teach you anything in IIM ? Milkman charging more because there are buyers at any price. Supply Demand. So what is wrong in that ? Let him also make some money. You have IIM MBA, you go to iBank, Oracle, McKinsey, you can also make lot of money. See now both you and milkman are making money. That is called Milton Friedman's win-win Theorem of Economics. Instead of that you are chasing one milkman with 30 rupee DD, that is called Marxism. You make your choice.

Sunil said...

Really gutsy effort. And the abusive milkman deserves punishment for his behaviour!

But I do disagree with the basic premise that selling above the MRP is in some way unethical (though it may be against the written law).

Prices are bound to be market driven, so if there is a shortage, the prices will rise. I dont see a point in demanding that someone sell you something at a price which is not "mutually agreeable".

Unknown said...

Right, and I suppose you also believe in utility maximization, nandigram and singur. Let the land go to who can utilize it best. Let real estate prices go through the roof, it supply and demand anyway, let auto drivers charge you twice in broad daylight, its supply demand, let your employer reduce your salary in downturn, its supply demand economics. Dont try MBA stuff with me. Do you know what the supply chain of milk is? Do you know what the margins are? Do you know why the company fixes a particular MRP, which is (hello!) the Maximum price a trader can charge, but should actually be charging a lower price. Do you know how much of public money is being passed into these intermediaries all over bangalore because of just 50p being charged every 1/2 litre. Do you?

Unknown said...

@jai usa: Its not that I havent thought of what you've said, and perhaps sooner or later that what we will do. But I'll give you the usual argument for what its worth: who owns the system? If everybody says I don't care, then our system is like the streets. Clean house, dirty streets. "Public good", "social responsibility", "corporate governance", these are becoming more important to global Indians. Hallelujahs! Its on the backbone of deep social responsibility that the US was formed and is what it is today. Thats the culture we need to emulate.

Oh, and BTW, the best elective I took at IIMB was called Social Entrepreneurship. Not a fancy subject like finance or marketing, I admit. But what I learnt there from the profs, from the SEs who came to talk to us and teach us how to be SEs, will stay with me for life.

Unknown said...

@jai usa: Its not called Marxism, sir. Its called fighting for your rights. When educated Indians like us start seeing the work through economic and only economic spectacles, believe me the world will go to hell in a shit basket.

Anonymous said...

@Hawkeye: I think you should leave the 50p issue alone; it is hardly more than a small discussion. The issue you are primarily fighting for is harrassment, and that is definitely worth fighting for. My wife or I haven't really faced any people like this as yet, but if we do, then your actions will be the guiding light for us.

Anonymous said...

Jai USA,
Your points are valid. Please provide a link to your blog. You are humorous and hard hitting and I would like to know your thoughts on other topics too.
just 1 thing: This issue is not about the Money. There are more things in play here.

Sir, you are a genius.
Thank you * 1000.
I salute you. This blog is of great help to every single Indian.
Thank you for all the late nights you have spent at the computer.