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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Creating Passionate Users"

If you haven't already been reading Kathy Sierra blog, Creating Passionate Users, then you really really must start. In a time when most bloggers have really nothing much to say, or talk about humdrum personal stuff, or comment on bits of news from round the world (the worst), Kathy picks up thought provoking topics, cooks it up with nuggets of information, illustrations and humour, references to research stuff and dishes it out with dollops of her secret sauce. Hmmm, yummy. Do give it a dekko.


Anonymous said...

Do you think a person who earns 6000 to 8000 Rs can lead a decent life in Blore. Is that the reason people try to make the extra rupee wherever possible there?

Unknown said...

@Templar: Oh please, people try and make the extra rupee however much they earn. Thats a naive statement. You think the richest businessmen aren't constantly thinking of ways to screw their suppliers and customers? You think the richest politicians are not making a fast buck where ever possible? And conversely, there are any number of poor people out there who maintain their personal integrity.