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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 2

While pursuing the harassment angle, we also wanted to complain against the overcharging. Again, the Internet came to our rescue and we found a bunch of sites providing information about consumer protection rights and how to go about filing a complain.

Overcharging, i.e. charging any amount over the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on any product is illegal in India under the Packaged Commodities Rules (PCR). For that matter, the MRP is only the maximum possible price a trader can charge a consumer, it does not mean that they cant charge less. But charging more is a strict no no. But like I said before, the IT capital is full of weenies who'd rather pay more than protest. Its a straight forward problem of too much money. Why count the pennies when the easy pounds are rolling in, and everybody is laughing all the way to the bank?

Anyway, here a bunch of links that we looked at. May it make you wiser.

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 from
Consumer Protection, Consumer Awareness - FAQs from (Excellent source, BTW)
India's Consumer Online Foundation has a list of Consumer Courts in India, Consumer Courts in Karnataka, and Consumer Organizations in Karnataka.
FAQs relating to filing a complaint, from the Dept of Food & Supplies, New Delhi.

Read Fight for your rights! - Update 1.

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