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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 9

Witnesses? None your honour. If thats our answer, we will surely be kicked out of court. So how do we get witnesses? There were quite a few people there that day, isn't anybody who was there reading this blog?? So I've an idea, dunno if it will fly. I'm planning on printing a flyer and getting it delivered with the newspaper to the people around my neighbourhood. Something brief, giving the facts of the case, and appealing to anybody who

1. might have been there and was a direct eye witness
2. has been overcharged before by this guy (should be lots of people, will they step forward for once?)
3. has gotten into a similar altercation with him earlier, or seen him misbehaving with people in the past

I'd like some feedback please from people who are following the case. Will it fly? Or does it look too much like grandstanding? If YOU received such a flyer and you had some information, would YOU step forward with it? Might it attract unwanted attention? We will definitely not give our address in the flyer, but what about phone numbers? If we give our personal numbers, they can be misused... so should be give the number of the police directly, or of our lawyer? Neither my wife nor I speak Kannada... how do we handle calls (if any) in Kannada?

And here's another thought: can any of you kind people volunteer to have his/her number put on such a flyer for people to call?

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Anonymous said...

I say give a brief overview of the case, explain why it's important for people to stand up to nonsense like this, and give your lawyer's phone-number. Hope it works for you guys, this really is a great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

If I received a flyer like that I would respond.

I don't think a flood of Kannada calls will be a problem... Especially if your flyer is going to be in English.

But, I do think that you should put your lawyer's number as your number could be misused.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by on my blog. WIll take a look at blank noise.

Yes, the flyer is a good idea. I - or my hubby - would respond. We might not take any action on our own, but would not mind jumping on the bandwagon if someone else is taking the initiative.

I agree that Kannada might not be a problem, most people can manage some English or Hindi.

While giving the lawyer's number is a good idea from your perspective, I feel that the greatest chance of getting results is if you give your own number. Because your interest int he case is higher than your lawyer's, and because peopel who talk to you can relate to you in terms of neighborhood, personalities, the shop in particular, etc etc.

How abuot getting a new pre-paid mobile connection which you use exclusively for this purpose?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, sure you can link to my blog... the more people who share, communicate on this matter, the better.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, please ensure your safety.

Anonymous said...

Neither my wife nor I speak Kannada... how do we handle calls (if any) in Kannada?

simple...go back to the hellhole you came from!

Swar Thounaojam said...

@anon: yes, we are grateful for your simple advice.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who respects a woman's dignity would surely support Swar and Amit. I have known Swar since my school days and always admired her dauntless guts. Of all women, i expect her to rise and fight for what she believes is right. My best wishes and support to both of you. Feel free to call me anytime when the need arises. And may this be an eye-opener for all those sleepy heads.

Anonymous said...

Hi hawkeye,

all the best.


Anonymous said...

Hi I've been following this case. I thought you might find this link on my blog useful

I do appreciate your determination to do it the legal way. Good luck

Sunita said...

I think getting a new connection for this would be a good idea, which you can use just for this purpose. you can also mention ppl can alternatively call the lawyer at so-n-so number. There are going to be threats, probably some asking to withdraw and hopefully you will find your witness/support. You just need the time & patience to talk & handle people like the anon above :)

slingink said...
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