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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 5

There are some problems. One is that this asshole may be a local goon, and I am fearful of my wife's safely. I've asked her to take the utmost precaution. She usually travels about by auto. I've asked her to avoid passing in front of the shop, not to be out late, to stay at a friends place if she would be late and I would pick her up on my way back from the office. Lets see what develops on this front. I mentioned the same to the police, and they assured me that this guy would not be able to do anything. That they would keep an eye on him.

Another is that we don't have any witnesses at present. The small crowd which had gathered was not known to her. There are some vendors beside the milkshop, we will get a friend of ours who speaks Kannada to talk to them and see if they have heard anything and would be willing to make a statement. This task is quite hard. There is a natural fear in this country to make a statement, to be a witness, and anything to do with the police and courts is to be avoided at all costs. Lets see how this goes.

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Saurabh Nanda said...

I haven't read the sixth update yet, so don't know what will happen (or has happened) after this. But seriously, hat off to the both of you!

Chetan Rao said...

You guys, this is really fantastic. On countless occasions have I heard people say things like, "We should sue them", but never have I come across anybody who actually did. Thank you so much for blogging about this, and please do continue posting updates on the matter. This country would do very well with more people like you, with as much initiative, perseverance and courage. Hopefully, your accounts will serve as motivation and guidance to a few.

If only I'd been on the scene, I'm sure I'd have agreed to testify.

Unknown said...

@nandz: Thanks :) but its misplaced. Hats off to social entrepreneurs who fight for real causes. People like us fight only when something personal happens.

@witnwisdumb: Yes, I will keep posting updates. Thank you for the support. This is really a small issue... someday I plan to be a social entrepreneur and make a bigger impact.