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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 8

My wife went with the updated complaint and the Rs 100 DD (and the bank charged another Rs 30 more as service charge) to the District Consumer Forum. They accepted it this time and have already set a date of 23rd Feb for the hearing!! I was astonished to hear that. Thats fast. Now I have no idea how a Consumer "Court" looks like, but good things come to those who wait. So lets see how that goes. Can the court really pass a judgment without a shred of real evidence? Remember, my wife's didn't buy anything. But perhaps the court will be lenient given the facts of the case, the FIR, etc. And maybe pigs have wings and can fly. Here's my fantasy... the court will award damages of Rs 1 lakh to my wife. Ok, quit laughing. Even I'm falling off my chair.

She also took a friend along and met the police today to find out what cooking. The police said that they are doing the paperwork and are a little busy with the happenings around town. Monday (12th) is Bangalore bandh, as a protest against the Cauvery verdict. I'm getting a little scared of the bandh. Its the perfect opportunity for this guy to do something on this pretext. And I park my car on the street. Might be trouble. Anyway, they said that they will arrest the guy right after the bandh. Then the court date will be decided... I'm not quite sure of the procedure. On one hand I hear that getting a case to court takes ages, on the other hand the police are saying that they will arrest this guy and produce him in court. They again asked that we get a witness to strengthen the case. Seems (quite obviously) this guy will produce two witnesses for every one we produce, saying that the incident didn't occur. But, of course, the court expects him to say that. So even if we have one witness it will help.

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Anonymous said...

all the best,
am passing this link onto a friend in the economic times. media pressure never hurts.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure your insurance on the car is paid up to date, just incase the nut case tries to do something.

I am very impressed that you are sticking to your guns, come what may.

Prasant Sivadasan said...

This is awesome. I came to your blog via indiauncut. Kudos to you for fighting back. We need more people like you in this country!

Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

everyday hundreds of single women who commute by autos are scared to even question the extra money charged just because of the fear of such abuse.
Kudos to u and Swar for taking them by the horns.

Unknown said...

@swati: BTW, here's something I got from somewhere:

"Kindly register your Complaint on charging of excess fare by Autorickshaws due to Fare Meter tampering to "Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology " at Phone Number : 080 - 2220 7750 or 080- 2228 4917

e-mail address: [email protected] or [email protected]"