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Monday, February 26, 2007

Do autoricks in B'lore get your gall?

Do I really need an answer to that question? Not really. My wife uses ricks all the time, and she travel around B'lore a lot. She's faced a great many problems with errand auto drivers; nothing uncommon:

1. Doctored meters, even the new electronic meters are doctored.
2. Refusal to ply.
3. Overcharging/not returning change.

Time and again, I've heard people complaining about the bad attitude of auto drivers. Comes out time and again in the newspapers. The authorities claim to be doing something, they publish statistics time and again: so many auto drivers booked, so many tampered meters corrected, etc. But the problems simply do not go away. What can YOU do about it? A lot, to start with you can be more proactive in complaining to the correct authorities.

1. Note down what the facts of the complaint are: date, time, distance, pickup place, drop place.
2. Note down the License number AND if you sitting inside, the DL number and Police Serial number.
3. Call up the Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology @ 22207750 or 22284917 or email: [email protected] or [email protected].
4. Call up the RTO based on the license plate number, for instance KA 01 belongs to a certain RTO, KA 05 belongs to another and so on. There are five RTOs, you can get the phone number of Bangalore RTOs here. You can also mail the Transport Commissioner @ . If you are really irritated (in fact this holds good with other traffic problems), call up the various numbers of RTO Officers given here.
5. Go personally to an RTO and make a written complaint against the auto driver giving all details as I mentioned in #1 and #2.
6. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

I'll post an update on what happens when you actually try to use the options I've listed above to make a complaint.

Update 11/06/07:

Bangalore Centre - Koramangala BDA complex - 25533525
Bangalore West - Rajajinagar Corporation Complex - 23324388
Bangalore East - Indiranagar BDA complex - 25253726
Bangalore North - Yeshwanthpur corporation Complex - 23376039
Bangalore South - Jayanagar Corporation Complex - 26630989


Anonymous said...

My favorite method to get my way at the auto guy is the "sit in". After a bit of argument, I settle in comfortably with a book from my bag and declare that I am not budging unless we settle this my or take a trip to the nearest police station!

Anonymous said...

You cannot make out KA 01 belongs to a particular RTO only.

When vehicles get sold, or transferred, they get re-registered at other RTOs depending on where the buyer is staying - even though the original KA-01 or whatever number stays. This is how the system works.