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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Much ado about the apostrophy

While reviewing a technical document, I ran across blatant usage of the apostrophy to pluralise all acronyms. I've always believed that acronyms should not be pluralized with the ' character. (That comes from learning English the Queen's way, rather than Bush's way.) Unfortunately, most engineers insist on writing RAM's and not RAMs, or MLA's and not MLAs.

So I decided to so some research on the net to find out about this "issue". And ran across tons of discussions and material on the correct usage of the apostrophe.

One of the best discussions forums on this topic can be found here in Mediawhore. An excellent and comprehensive journal on the Plural Noun Forms is available here by Webster.

And by far, the best comment on this controversy was this image
from Its hilarious. And while you are it, do check out the Angry Flower website. Its pretty good.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mediocre But Arrogant

Ha ha ha. How well Abhijit Bhaduri describes the pucca MBA type from any of India's premier B schools. (Of course, considering the fact that I'm from IIMB, I run the risk of being labelled one myself. But modesty is my first name.) This is a another book by an MBA type. MBA types have started writing "Just like me" books more often these days. Something to do with job security, I guess.

PS: Just-like-me books are stories about you and me, common everyday people and our loves and our lifes.

I was looking for some articles on HR problems in Indian companies on Google (nothing like finding ones homework already prepared and pasted on some website, eh?) for a class assignment, when I chanced upon this blog. Then I discovered a Jampot connection (Abhijit is another MBA type from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and I grew up and did my schooling from Loyola School in Jamshedpur.) And I was hooked.

Will await the book to hit the stands. Meanwhile, check out his blog.