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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 10

My wife talked to a lady who is very familiar with consumer court proceedings for advice. Here's what she said:

1. We need physical evidence that we have been overcharged - a receipt. (But we didn't buy anything, and even if we did, he doesn't give receipts.) What about witnesses? She said it completely depends on the panel of the day. We can take a few people who can stand up and say they have been overcharged by this guy before and doesn't give receipts. But its not guaranteed that the panel might give us the chance - so we have to ask them to do it. Tell them that we can't wait for another date as we can't keep on coming for the case, that we have got witnesses and we need to be heard. They will give adjournment and only one adjournment is given per law. She advised that we should go and watch some proceedings first. Some judges can be pretty bad and throw the file away saying that there is no case at all etc. But if we are lucky, we can get a pro-consumer judge who will listen to us and work favorably. She said the opposite party hardly turns up.

2. She was surprised that we were given such an early date and that we were given a hearing even without evidence. She said that must be a sign that there is some validity in our complaint for them to give a date easily. Usually it takes around two months. and she said we should just go to the hearing and take it from there. There isn't much for us to do.

3. She said that she has tried following up with KMF on the rampant overcharging (50p more on account of "cooling charges"). Seems there was no response from their side and they washed their hands off saying that its a problem of the retailers. She was surprised that my wife managed to meet the various officials of KMF.

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