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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The heart of love

Does it profit me to gain the whole world?
Satisfaction is but a fleeting emotion, I want to to be satiated
Fill me up with love, until my cup of joy spills over
That I might share with you
That I might show you a glimpse of what is mine
Leave you jealous, wanting more
I laugh
I cry
I die a hundred deaths
And then, born again, maybe I learn to love.

Time is but a beginning
Of the end
When I know what love is.

The music flows gently
I hear, but I cannot listen
Like the heart that loves, but does not care
Like the soul that prays, but does not believe
Like the mind that thinks, but does not meditate.

My thoughts scatter like scared gazelles
Leaping across the universe of my mind
Why do they flee?
Be still, I tell my mind.

I mouth the words of a prayer
They are a litany to be repeated
When I ask God for more
Trust, I tell my soul.

And what of my heart?

I long
I sigh
The notes fall softly
If I can learn to hear
Can I learn to love?
Can I?


Ekta said...

Hmm...can see someone is turning poetic

neat poem..whom is it by?

Unknown said...

Who do you think will be fool enough to write and publish bad poetry? Surely not Byron, or Yeats...

Nimbus said...

Nicely written, Hawkeye! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

Jupe said...

Love claims yet another casualty *sigh*

Nice lines sir - Yeh dil maange more :-)