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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Autoricks overturning??

Hell! When was the last time you've seen an auto rickshaw overturning right before your very eyes? Here's a story from one who has... not once but twice. Its quite a majestic sight, almost like the movies where a car might go cartwheels, only not so dramatic.

The first happened on bright, fair, Wednesday morning in front of the Symphony Software building. I was on my way to the Passport Office, when suddenly, in front of me an auto took a fast turn into the main gate of the company, and tipped over the other side. Phaaat! I skidded to a halt behind it, and with others rushed to help.

As if that was not enough, I saw another first hand! I was on my way home late evening yesterday. It had rained mightly, and the road near the flyover in front of Citibank (road, what road?) was awash. Mind you that the potholes here are bigger than small ponds. An auto beside me swing on to the side of the road to overtake a car, and then it just topped over on its side into this huge pothole full of dirty water. I braked in the middle of the road, and again rushed to help. Others came running too. But we didnt seem to have much luck pushing it upright, and the water was all around. After a few minutes impatient people were honking coz my bike was holding up the only lane, so I left the auto and pushed off.

I think there's a message for me in there somewhere, but danged if I know what.
Moral of the story? Auto ricks are dangerous 3 legged creatures, ridden by drivers with delusions of grand prix grandeur. No wonder our foreign clients look at them in wonder, and ask dumb questions like "Isnt it dangerous?". Phooey, say I to that. We drive around at breathless speed on roads full of shush, without helmets, zig zagging all over the road, overtaking, undertaking (well, whatever), without any semblance of road democracy, all on two wheels, and we have the gall to question the third wheel. Phooey.

Anyway, next time you travel by an auto (as Ekta does everyday), do keep your friends close, and your enemies, ur... auto-drivers closer. Dunno what good that will do, but it sounded like good advice.

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Ekta said...

Welll...i think i shld be the one writing this blog...coz I experienced an auto turning! Poor thing..probably cldnt take my weight!;-)

Managed to escape with a few briuses but the poor auto guy got slightly injured!