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Friday, July 09, 2004

10 dys vacation

...from Blogger. Forced by work. Ekta, there is only one commandment of life. All work shall be squeezed out of you. If in doubt, refer to the above commandment.

I'm in depression from not blogging, from not telling my mundane story to the world for the last sooo many days. Sigh. Life sucks, like gravity. Like a whole lotta people. Anyway, I digress. I've been really busy, what with a gruelling prospective client visit, and crisis after crisis in the office. The only bright spot this week was that this prospective client signed up, after 3 days of technical and business talks. So I'm off to Israel again. More power to me. In all this work, I've missed my MBA classes today. Shit! ANd I'll miss two days of classes when I'll be travelling. ANd I cant even say NO!

I left office today morning, after a stretch of 22 hours, completely bushed. Slept (?) all morning, woken up first by the maid, then by some girl selling flowers, then by the painter, then by the garbage collector. Fuck! Then had lunch, and back to the office.

Now, m leaving. Hope I dont have to come this weekend, but there are many problems and few assholes who want to take them all up. One of them, being me. I suck. So I'm going home. To sulk, and study for tomorrow's MBA class. Bah.


Ekta said...

sounds like a very exciting life!
p.s:- Did u manage to get food that day?

Unknown said...

It is. You gotta try it sometime :)

Yup, had some sad stuff at home... I got wet throughly yesterday too, can you beat that??