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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Traffic problems are everybody's problems - 3

Yet another B'lore blogger joins the fight against rash drivers. Check out The Write Nonsense, where Nisho describes how he took a driver of Sapient to task. Absolutely marvelous! Nisho, keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I came here after Nisho gave me a pointer. Hey, few friends and myself have been thinking of forming a larger group of like minded people to do something about the road-jungle situation we have here in Bangalore. Ideas range from PIL to working actively with BCP (city police) to help them with useful feedback.

I met some like minded folks via my blog and Bangalore Metblogs. I am sure you have a circle of yours as well.

We can talk more about it via email. I am silkboard on gmail dot com. Let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks!