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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Do autoricks in B'lore get your gall? - Part 3

On 28th Feb, the article "Legal metrology: only a feel good factor" came out on page 3 of The Hindu:

Right after this article came out, the DLM responded to my wife's e-mail and said the following:

"Based on your information i.e., Police Serial number & DL number the dept. has undertaken investigations but unable to find the addresses.

However the Police Complaint has been lodged at Kadagondanahalli Police Station on 05-03-2007 with a request to trace the address & produce the driver along with the autorikshaw to this office for further inspection.

Your e-mail complaint has been forwarded to the DCP, Traffic east & Transport Commissioner with a request to investigate & take suitable action.

Yours faithfully

Department of Legal Metrology"

And I'll post another part to conclude this series.


decorr said...

Kindly continue with these articles.

They are a plethora of information.
Thanks for bringing them out of oblivion to the fore.

Adithya said...

Hi. I think I am missing a link to the conclusion on this one. What then happened?

Unknown said...

Not much. My wife went to the police commissioner's office, met a bunch of officers there. They expressed their inability to prosecute drivers. The names of the drivers are maintained in an Excel sheet, and the traffic police search through it manually. They collect all complaints and go every few months and try to find the driver at the registered address. Most often, the driver is no longer available at that address. So the complaints are dropped.

Some joke it is. So we dropped this whole thread...

Adithya said...

Pretty pathetic I must say. I presume these idiots will get their act together only when some auto is used to blow up a crowded venue. Jokes apart I am now able to understand why terrorists find it so easy to screw us time and time again.

Sunil said...

This is a major problem. In my discussions with the Addl Comm Traffic,I was told that lot of notices are sent to the so called registered address through the transport department ( RTO) but the auto drivers do not appear. Now, there are more than 50-70000 Autos in Bangalore and you can imagine the problem.

I think the answer lies in Technology. I recently read about an App on Iphone/Android being used in a European Country that shuts the driver down if he/she overspeeds. Ofcourse there are sensors on the roads ( prob embedded in the roads ) that have designated speed limits. And there are apps that do not let your car start if you have had one too many.

Now how about some techies think of something like office of a senior rank traffic police shutting the engine of the auto down. A starting device can be fitted which requries the smart card based driving license to be inserted before the driver can start the vehicle and this smart can be the control.
Over to the techies.