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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fight for your rights! - Update 17

Last week we went to the police station and met the Sub-inspector. He was very helpful and asked us to meet him on a certain day. On that day, my wife went to the police station herself (I was traveling). The milkman was there too. He apologized and signed a statement saying that he had done such-and-such and was sorry and would not repeat such behavior in the future. So ends one chapter in this story.

Tomorrow is the Consumer Court hearing, but we have no witnesses, no affidavits, nothing. We do have the signed statement from the milkman where he had admitted that he had overcharged and misbehaved, but I wonder if such a statement can be admitted to court. And somehow I can't help thinking that it would not be right for us to give his statement to the court.

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Retail Coupons said...

Congratulations! It was a fight well fought.

Hope the court hearing went well today.. keep us posted :-)

Retail Coupons said...

Hey man, why no posts for a long time? And, what happened to that court hearing?

Unknown said...

@nisho: Sorry man, been extremely busy with work. Will post some stuff soon. M still continuing the fights ;)