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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Orkut problems

Sigh. Why does Orkut have so many problems. Is it because it is a beta site? Must be, cant be any other reason. Its a amazing networking site. Simply the best. But I wish it wouldn't fuck up ever so often. And its been agonizingly SLOW, the lowest that a server can fall ;o).

Cant seem to get any work done on it. A separate thought, does anybody do any work on Orkut?? Huh. I only raise questions that I cant answer. There's a specific problem right now. I'm started the Loyola School community there, but suddenly its not showing me this community under my Communities tab. I got such a scare, maybe its been deleted or something. So I did a search for it. And found it, and it still shows me as the moderator. But now it suddenly shows the number of members as 3. Weird. Hope its some temporary problem, and Orkut is up and running tomorrow...

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