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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Flora and Fauna at Pompei Valley

These photos were taken by me on 4th June, 2004 on a Plantation called "Pompei Valley" in Coorg. I use an Olympus Digital camera, one of the best mid range cameras Olympus makes.


After a long struggle, I cornered these two ducks at the edge of the pond and got close enough to photograph them. This series of photos shows them getting into the water.


A grasshopper cleverly hidden between the tall grass.

tiger dragon fly 03_small

A Dragon fly coloured like a tiger at the pond side, alighted on a stalk of grass. I had to wait a long long time before I got this one. This is an absolute beauty.

orange dragon fly 01_small

An orange dragon fly, praying on a broken stem of a small plant.


A Hibiscus flower in full bloom taken in Macro mode. I love the colour on this one.

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