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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charging over MRP at airports - 6

Read Charging over MRP at airports - 5 first.

On 18th June, I went to the Court and told the Judge that I would like to change the address of the Opposite Party. He set the next hearing for 27th June. And it was done. Simplicity itself, right?


What a bloody waste of time. I don't understand what is going on. Without even hearing me properly, the judge set the next hearing date for 27th. After the court went into recess, I went into the judge's chamber and met him. This time I didnt bother to ask the idiots outside whether I could go inside. I told the judge that I had met the airport officials and they asked me change the OP address and have the summons sent through the Airport Director. He said, fine, just meet the Court officials and get the address changed.

I met one of the Court officials, who asked me to get a letter saying that the OP address should be changed. So I immediately wrote a letter in hand on plain paper and brought it back to him. He said, no, I need to do this on 27th. Thats what the next hearing date was for. What crap. What a sheer waste of time. All the way to the court just to be told to come back on 27th, and there would be nothing anyway done on 27th except for me to give them the changed complaint with the new OP address. Stupid stupid stupid.

So like a donkey, I went back to the court on 27th for the next hearing. The Judge asked if I'd brought the new complaint letter; I submitted it. The next hearing date was set for 17th July. I asked for a change of date since I would be traveling on that date. He said, date can't be changed (weird, totally weird), but someone can come on my behalf. So tomorrow, on 17th, my wife will attend instead of me. Lets see what happens next.

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Vidya Mahesh said...

hi!! been a while since i'v been bloggin.. tot the MRP at the airports would be done.. i was surprised that the officials are postpoing the case for no reason.. i so want to be like u.. im sure the hearing will be in our favour!!

Anonymous said...


Do give us an update on the "mrp rates at airports" whenever you find time. Thank you.

Hope the spark is not lost from all the running around.

Take care.
Naked Desserts

Unknown said...

sorry for not posting any updates... we've shifted to a new house and dont have an internet connection anymore. and my company has blocked blogger. so its quite a pain to go to a cyber cafe.

Unknown said...

@Vidya: Its not so easy... and I'm not sure at all that the hearing will be in our favour. The judge has to balance many things, and this is a big case with many ramifications and a stay order by the Delhi High Court. So I'm quite skeptical...