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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sleep deprived on Questionable Content

Got a Counsumer Court hearing tomorrow morning... shit! no... today morning. Why am I still awake? Got some marathon driving to do to the other end of town in the morning. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

Was tripping out big time today on this comic strip my wife discovered: Questionable Content. Check it out, its so totally fantastic... started sometime in 2003, and I've only managed to get to 2005. Its real addictive, some nice artwork, some wise crack and quips a`la Calvin and Hobbes, and very real characters. Boo to Friends.


Retail Coupons said...

Hey man, Questionable Content is indeed very addictive :)

Very nice....

Anonymous said...

Questionable Content is so goddamned good!

It's easily one of my favourite webcomics of all time. I've been reading since early 2006 (I think) and JJ never fails to entertain.

I'm not a big fan of his guest week comics, but then again I very rarely like anyone's guest week.