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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Orbit white teeth

My teeth were stained with gook from many many years of eating, drinking, smoking. After much pestering by my gf, I finally got myself an appointment at the R.V. Dental College and Hospital, in J.P Nagar for dental scaling. In foreign countries, a visit to the dentist is like a visit to the cleaners. Ha ha. Thankfully India has not caught up with the west in such nonsensical practices of daylight robbery. A scaling procedure might cost upwards of Rs 750 in any upmarket dental clinic in India. Amazingly, its a pittance at the hospital I visited. Rs 50. Thats a dollar. Ha! say I. Match that, Mr smarty pants american dentist.

Is R.V. Dental College and Hospital a dump? Far from it. It's an old, well respected dental hospital in Bangalore. Its clean, well maintained, with fancy equipment, good doctors, very professionally run, punctual. The dentist who operated on me was a professional and performed her work fast and well, with almost no bleeding. This was my first visit to the dentist in my life, and I was well taken care of. Unfortunately, its not very well known, which is a real pity.

I have got my potty cleaned, as my gf puts it ;) and now I have Orbit white teeth.


Anonymous said...

Are you getting toooooooooo much marriage proposals? Oh, of course, you just got married. So it really works!!!


Unknown said...

Ha ha, only I got married to my long time gf.