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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jet Airways does not care about user security!

In this day and age, when credit card information thefts are rampant, here is Jet Airways doing their bit to ensure that your information is more easily misused.

Just found this big problem on the Jet Airways site while applying for an award ticket. Towards the end of the process, the website throws up a site where the user can enter his credit card details, name, number, expiry, card type, et al on an UNENCRYPTED page.

Now how stupid is this?? I am careful enough to check such things, but I wonder whether others have entered their card info on this page. Notice the http:// page rather than an https:// page.

Can I sue Jet Airways over this and make a million bucks? Nah, perhaps not. But I hope Jet fires the guy who set up this page. What an ass.


Anonymous said...

Just browsing and saw this one...

I was trying to buy PVR tickets online and found the same thing. The page claimed that you'd be forwarded to a payment gateway for payment, but asked all the credit card info up front. Ok, it was an https page, but does that really make it safe? I guess it's easier to hop across to Forum and just buy the tickets at the counter.

Unknown said...

Sure, an https page makes it safe. I make a lot of transactions on line, it perfectly Ok, if you have checked carefully to see if the site is secure. Click the icon (something like "Verisign secured") and follow the instructions.