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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blue Security is down!

After a long hard fight, Blue Security has folded up. Unfortunately, for the rest of us. Blue Security was no ordinary firm. Blue Security was an Israeli firm which was fighting against spam, and was turning out to be quite successful. It was taking the fight to the spammers doorstep. You can read about what they were doing on Spam Wars: Blue Security Strikes Back.

I was one of their half million and growing users, helping them to fight spam by forwarding them every single spam mail I got. They actually managed to get 6 of the top 10 bulk emailers to stop spamming any Blue Security user. Which was an awesome achievement! However one spammer hit back with vengeance and caused huge collateral damage on the internet. Read the full story Blue Security folds under spammer's wrath. It reads like a fast paced thriller.

From the last few weeks my mail forwards to them have been bouncing, but I never suspected that they might be fighting such a huge internet battle. Today I googled for Blue Security and came across a bunch of news on them.

Its a real loss for the Internet worlds, people like you and me. 2/3rds of the e-mail traffic today is spam, and here was one brave group fighting for the future of the internet. I applaud Blue Security for what they were trying to do, and finally for voluntarily giving up. Awesome guys! Hope to see you guys around on the internet again.

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