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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Uno momento

I had a strange moment yesterday. I believe that B'lore taxi drivers and call center vehicle drivers are evil. They have no road sense, they honk incessantly, they trample mercilessly over unwary drivers and they hit my car from behind. I have no love lost for them. They piss me off on the road, and I happily report them to the police. (The police reponse is the topic for another blog, but thats another day. What the police do about it, I dont know, but it gives me great satisfaction.)

Anyway, yesterday, on the way to the office, a Indica taxi was weaving in and out of traffic, honking continuously and generally causing great havoc on the road. He was behind me and (totally pissed) off I just didnt let him go ahead of me till the Electronic City turnoff. Its risky, but somebody's gotta teach these mothers some manners. Then I called the police control room to report his vehicle number. Unfortunately the police control room was busy, so after a couple of tries I gave up for the moment. Almost near my office inside Electronic City, suddenly my car skidded to the left. I managed to come to a stop at the side of the road... my left tyre was absolutely flat. Its 2pm, sunny and hot. I got the spare tyre outta the back (Do you know how heavy a bloody car tyre is?? Now I do.), and started the laborious process of jacking up the car and taking off the flat tyre. Some taxis were parked nearby, and one of my hated taxi drivers came over to me and offered to help!

I refused, thinking that this bugger was going to fleece me. But he seemed to be a nice guy, smiling and insisting that he can change the tyre and I should not dirty my clothes. Totally positively weird. Now I'm was positive that he was going to fleece me. But I gave in, and between the two of us we had the tyre changed in no time. My hands were filthy and he even got me a bottle of water to clean my hands. Then the moment of truth. I asked him if I should give him some money... and he refused. He refused to take any money!

I drove away in a daze. I din't call the police control room to report the other driver.

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Swar Thounaojam said...

now listen, young man, you seem to have forgotten the editor of ur post through whom you have to run ur story first and then go online. tsk tsk tsk ;p oiilla