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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The stars fade away

Its almost morning, and the stars are about to fade away. The pale morning sunshine will burn them away. I've been working straight 20 hours. Hmmm. Dont even dare to ask me why. Lets just say its not by choice, its under duress. Some great crisis in the office and we have a half a million dollar deal hanging if something is not resolved tonight. Sigh. All too often I find myself in such positions. Why me? I'm paid very highly, so I have to deliver the goods. Cant tell my boss to fuck off, after all he ensures that I get big bucks here. Is it worth it? I dont know. Money makes the world go around, but at what cost? I'm losing my peace of mind, trying to figure out how to make things alright. Now I'm leaving, to sleep for a while, and maybe come back to the office.

Oh! And I havent managed to get things working. So tomorrow when the shit hits the fan, your truely will be splattered all over.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck...


Nimbus said...

You know that flashy-memory-messer-upper-thingy that they use in Men In Black to wipe out chunks of memory? I'll try looking for one for you so that once this is over, you can go *zappp* and forget all about it.

Hang in there!

Ekta said...

Well what a time to post this blog!
Life seems to be saying "ditto"...same here too!

Have lost track of time past couple of weeks--look forwrad to lunches , not coz of food but coz thats probably the only time I am not working in the day!....

And so life continues.