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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Liquor sold above MRP - 4

In another article (Yeddyurappa ‘castes’ the dice for LS polls) I find:

The share of profit by the retail liquor sellers would be reduced and without increasing the minimum retail price of the IMFL.

The additional excise duty on IMFL would also be reviewed. The government orders would be issued shortly.

And what the hell is "minimum retail price"?? Never heard of such. BTW, IMFL = Indian Made Foreign Liquor.

From another article, No cheers over beer, wine in Karnataka:

Having refrained from announcing duty hikes for liquor and related products in his budget a week ago, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa succumbed to the pressures of a sharply depleted treasury, and, on Friday said that additional excise duty (AED) would be increased on alcoholic beverages while the profit margin of liquor retailers would be decreased.

Also, the structure of AED on the IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) would be revised. However, in the same breath, the chief minister said: “Steps will be taken so that the MRP (maximum retail price) on the IMFL won’t go up steeply.’’

These proposals have been included in the budget for 2009-10. Unlike excise duty, which is Rs 45 per litre, AED varies with respect to the price of liquor.

Presently, in the state, the retailers are entitled for a profit margin of 20%. This will come down with the new move. “We are yet to work out how much of AED to increase and how much of reduction to make in the profit margin,’’ said a senior official of the excise department.

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