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Monday, January 14, 2008

Interview on another blog

My interview published over at Visceral Observations on consumer rights and other stories in two parts: Interview with consumer rights activist: part 1 and Interview with consumer rights activist: part 2.

And a synopsis of Overcharging on MRP published at Purdafash.


Goli said...

Loved your blog and your interview at Visceral Observations.

I also found most of the links on your website useful.

If you get time sometime do look at the website called,, you can call it as an orkut for people interested in social development, also as a good news india website.

Cheers and keep writing

Also the links on your purdafarsh blog are broken, most say http 404 error webpage not found. Dont know if this is temporary or the videos are removed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.