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Friday, November 02, 2007

Charging over MRP at airports - 12 (Victory!)

Read Charging over MRP at airports - 11 first.

There was some political upheavals occurring in Karnataka and the orders were finally passed on 18th October. The orders were in my favour! Victory. Finally.

The judges have examined both sides of the issue and have held that the O.P. has indulged in "Unfair Trade Practice amounting to deficiency in service by charging the packaged items over and above the maximum retail price printed on the items." and have awarded some monetary compensation.

So, its been a good learning experience for me, a lot of hassle, a lot of time and energy spent as readers of this blog might well know, but well worth it in the end. BUT, it doesn't end here. If more and more people are not aware of this landmark judgment, its simply of no use. It doesn't change anything if people are not aware and don't fight for their rights. Last year I had promised readers of my blog that I would go after the MRP overcharging issue, and I've done that. Now its up to you to follow and use this judgment where you can.

I will try to publicize the judgment in whatever way I can. (I have relocated to Germany last month and I no longer stay in India, so my options are limited) I will put up a link to the actual judgment so that it is available to all. NakedDesserts in Bangalore is very generously helping me and if you'd like to help with this, please drop me a comment here or contact her on her page. Any help is appreciated, especially if you know media people who are willing to pick up this issue.

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Retail Coupons said...

CONGRATULATIONS, MAN! Way to go!.... keep up the good work... you're an inspiration.

Congrats once again :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I have been following your story right from the start. I have also been following the "milk vendor story". I appreciate your perseverance and effort.

Congratulations. What type of help are you looking at? I can help in hosting any documents that you have, and prepare a document on how people can use this judgement, and also, in general, how to deal with bureaucracy, the court system, etc.

Anonymous said...

I suggest, you could scan the judgement and upload in the web. Or you can send the scanned copies to ndtv, ibnlive and timesnow etc. they will be more than willing to publish your victory either in their tv or website.

Unknown said...

@Suriya: Well, hosting is not much of a problem. Need help with publicity. If you can pass info of this around, inform friends, link to this judgment, and just create awareness, that would be really helpful. THANKS!

@Prasanna: I've put up the scanned version. Will try to send copies to these TV channels. Hadn't thought of this. Thanks.

Samik said...

Many Many Congrats Hawkeye!!! If only some more of us had your perserverance, Bangalore ( and India ) might have been a better place!!

Harshal Ambani said...