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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Charging over MRP at airports - 8

Read Charging over MRP at airports - 7 first.

Got a simple affidavit done on Monday, just cost Rs 30 to get the notary to stamp it. As usual he wanted me to get it printed on stamp paper, but I'm getting smarter everyday. I printed it on plain paper and it was quite fine with the court. At least they didn't refuse it when I submitted it on 14th.

14th was another donkey hearing. All I did was get there and submit the affidavit. The judge asked me to submit an empty package of the item. The O.P. submitted a sub-rejoinder to my previous response. This time they threatened to complain to AAI about taking of photographs in a highly sensitive area. Ohhh... what will they do next, threaten to cry? Anyway, much of the rest of their statement was the usual yabba-dabba-do. They are a restaurant, they are allowed to overcharge, etc etc. However, there was one point of minor interest: now they are saying that this case does not come within the jurisdiction of the Consumer Court. Huh?

So Aug 24th is D-day. I have to present my arguments and try to convince the judge. Gonna be tough, but gonna be fun as well. I got an interesting request from NakedDesserts. She wants to attend the hearing when they start arguments. So that be 24th August. Time 11am. Address: Seshadripuram Consumer Court. If anybody is interested, pls drop in. Its an open house, the judge and I and God knows who from the O.P. will be having a friendly chat over chai and fags. Ho ho ho ;)

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Anonymous said...


Work is taking me out of town next week. I wont be able to make it for the hearing.


Naked Desserts