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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Charging over MRP at airports - 3

Read Charging over MRP at airports - 2 first.

Finally, managed to make a visit today to the District Consumer Forum at Cavery Bhavan and submitted the complaint. 4 copies, et al. And retained an acknowledged copy for myself. The first hearing is scheduled for 30th April in Seshadripuram Consumer Court.

Then went to the Commercial Taxes Department, which is close by. Met the PRO there. He was a very proactive gentleman, listened to my complaint and immediately faxed a copy to the Intelligence and Vigilance department. He gave me an acknowledged copy for my reference. Said he would follow up and let me know what transpires.

Finding parking around Majestic is a pain, spent an hour in a traffic jam around the court area and finally got done with everything by 2pm. What a hassle, but it was worth it. This work was pending for quite some time.

Finally, I've to submit another complain letter to the Airport duty manager with copies of the two other complaints. I'll do that one of these days.

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