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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Long time no write

Haven't posted anything for a while. Been bored of blogging and been too busy besides. Life has been on a roll. Got married the last week of December. Had a great Indian wedding, punjaabi eshtyle, with full honours. Many ceremonies, barat dancing on the streets, firecrackers, late night ceremony with a funny pandit who kept everybody awake with his jokes, had my jootis stolen and had to shell out money to get them back, hordes of dancing relatives to the latest bhangra beats. And I actually enjoyed my marriage. Wonders of wonders.

Was in London last week. It was gloomy, rainy and not so cold. Didnt get a chance to see anything, had a short, busy trip. Dropped into Mumbai on my way back to B'lore to be at the premiere of my wife's first play on 21st at the famous Prithvi Theater. And now back to work in Bangalore.

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Naveen Mandava said...

You got married! Congrats, boss, for lamba conjugal bliss ... and more victims to the vampire ;-)