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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Movie marathon

I watched 3 movies over the weekend. Only one gets a thumbs up, and the other two get plenty of thumbs down. The decent one was Batman Begins. I thought it was fairly well made, in an understated, non melodramatic way. Neat movie. Enjoyed it. The lesser said about the other two the better. Mr and Mrs Smith. Agggggg. For a while it was doing OK, and then it began plumbing the depths of bad screenplay and acting. And as for the story... huh, what story? Take a couple of "sexy" people, mash them together, throw in a bit of romance and sex, some SFX, some hanky-panky, some underwear shots, some CIA shit, and voila! houston, we have touchdown. What a frigging waste of time and money.

Finally: War of the Worlds. What the hell was that? That movie made NO sense at all. Tom Cruise as usual can't act to save his life. He should grow a beard and take it easy with Sherlock Homes or whoever. There was stupid girl who kept screaming her head off everytime something when plot. Ghastly movie. I can't believe this movie has got nearly 7 out of 10 on IMDB and was nominated for 3 Oscars. What? Can't believe I watched the same movie. So aliens have landed on earth, or have been buried million of years ago, whatever. Random shit just happens in the
movie, without any attempt made to connect them. At least I watched on DVD. Poor fellows be they who watched it in the theater.

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