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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bangalore Traffic, Part 2

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Normally I just bitch and whine. But one day, when something crazy happened to me on the road, I thought I should try and do something about it. BTW, something crazy always happens to me on the road. I've been rammed thrice on the road so far, always from the back. The first time it was a serious accident. One speeding call center driver hit me hard enough to cost me close to 13k in damages. The second time I got tapped on the back by a bloody truck and now I've a smart dent to show for it. The third time was today by another taxi. Thankfully nothing serious happened, but thats another day's story. Anyway, back to the first story.

On 26th June, I was nearly hit from behind by a crazy SOB driving a white Sumo. Its probably one of the worse cases of rash driving I have seen. On a narrow lane inside Electronic City Campus, this sumo driver came at very high speed from my left and tried to overtake me. Unfortunately for him, there were some pedestrians in front of him and on my left and he very barely managed to avoid driving over them and subsequently barely managed to avoid hitting the rear of my car. Even after that he swung wildly to the right and tried to overtake me from the oncoming lane. I stopped him and took his license number. It had a Government of India Ashoka seal on the license plate. As usual the driver was extremely rude and abusive. In fact he asked me to call up any traffic inspector right there and “he would see what I would do”. He brought his vehicle in front of mine, got down and came to my car, all the time abusing and acting in a very threatening manner. I did not argue with him, just took his license number and left.

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