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Friday, April 29, 2005

Loyola website

After a long time I thought I would pay a visit to my alma mater, Loyola School, Jamshedpur website. But I was in for a real shock. The website, which was active for the last many many years has this shit below. First I thought I was on a wrong website, but this is the right one. It is linked from many places. And try as I might, I get this page. This is crazy. I wonder whether others are getting this website in place of the Loyola website. There's a fucking cyber squatter sitting on the website. I dont know how this happened. How come has the school lost the URL, and how come there isnt any uproar over it. Strange. If anybody knows about this please let me know.

PS: BTW, did anybody know that the Loyola website was defaced by this obscure group called WFD way back in 2002. I came upon it on the net when I was tring to find information about this cyber sqatting. See this for more details. Seem like a bunch of "high profile" Indian websites were defaced and unfortunately Loyola School's website had the (dubious) distinction of being one of these.

loyola website, originally uploaded by Gunslinger.

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