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Thursday, March 03, 2005


So this is the place thats in the movie. The place of the gangsters of the 60s, bootlegging, Capone and cold cold weather. This is the first time for me in the snow, and I find it cold. Thanks god for heated room, and heated cars and heated offices. I'm visiting a client here in Chicago for a week. The first few days were really cold, but its better now. The sun is shining (though it seems to be heating Bangalore not this place), and the snow has all melted. Which is good, right? Thou a teeny weeny part of me cant help missing the snow. Its nice to see outta my hotel window (and I got huge bay windows looking on the lawn), and see the world all white. Sigh.

Wish I was here at Christmas. Shore would've been nice. Cant even take a photograph, coz my camera was stolen. Oh yeah, my house was burgurled a couple week ago and I lsot a lot of stuff, including my precious digital camera.

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Ekta said...

Hey what happened?
well u seem to be having an adventorous life!