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Saturday, November 27, 2004

M connected to the net

I got myself a brand new CDMA WLL telephone yesterday. By Tata Indicom. Didnt have to pay one paisa for the connection. The connection, instrument, data cable, STD/ISD whatever the hell else all came free since I was a "corporate customer". I tried Reliance before that, but they wanted a lot of money for setting up a connection, so told them to take a hike.

I wanted this only for the net connection. The speed right now sucks big time. Its averaging 30 kbps, but last night I got 80 kbps. Sigh. Its so goddam slow, and I've been spoilt rotten by all the super fast surfing I've been doing from the office. But at least I'm connected to the net. Its feels great to be able to get connected instantly, anytime. Never got the time to check out the stuff I wanted to at the office.

Cheers to the new improved online version 2 of me.

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