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Monday, October 18, 2004

Buying a car is easy...

..but keeping it is bloody tough. I cant believe the amount of money I am spending on petrol. Its shocking. I nearly had a heart attack the other day when the newspapers announced that the government was planning on increasing the price of petrol. Mr CM, have a heart. Thank God that they didnt hike the price.

And the roads are full of SOBs who insist on overtaking from my left. Suddenly, there'll be this two wheeler who cut in front from the left; how I've managed not to hit anybody so far must be because of divine intervention. Jolly good that I know how to drive, I pity any first timer on B'lore roads.

I bought a Sony CD/MP3 player for the car on Saturday. It rocks. Awesome sound... now the travel doesnt seem so bad ;o)


Ekta said...

hey dude,
U bought a car!!!
congrats!!..which one...give details!
Can see signs of 'progression' and prosperity here!:-)

Unknown said...

oye?! see the previous post. its a santro.

Anonymous said...

Thot it was basic manners to ask friends for a small drive..if nothing else than to atleast show off ur new car!!

Unknown said...

No more than writing anon posts in my blog. As Caesar said "Show me ur face and I will show you my car", or some such thing. Honest! He did.