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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A new face

So, m done changing the template. I kinda liked my last template, but I was totally bowled over by Megha's use of the Harbour template. So I figured out the geeky stuff in the template and played around with it until I liked it.

Tell me, tell me, tell me, does it look better than the last? So what if I've spent quite a few hours on this today, and done little office work (the boss will be pleased!). All work and no play makes Hawkeye a geek, says me.

See Megha, no ranting, just the idle musings of one with his head in the clouds. Heh heh heh.

I gotta add links to others blogs. Today's been a good day, nothing like wasting time at the office to make a happy grasshopper. I'm on an ego trip. I've got to reward myself with a fag. Nobody bitch, its the first for the day.


Nimbus said...

I liked your old template too, but i'm just a wee bit partial to the new one. But then again, I will naturally say that, right? ;)

Nothing defines a productive day at work like one spent tweaking your blog template, contemplating on what to blog about next and furiously commenting on other blogs. Work, you say? What work?

(Please to note conspicuous absence of the word 'rant' :) )

Ekta said...

hey cool,
this looks neat!...can see ur getting inspired!:-)